Acoustic Series History

 The Sunday Street Acoustic Series at The University Café, presented by WUSB, 90.1 fm, began with a performance by The Kennedys on February 8, 2004. Caroline Aiken played a concert in the series on April 24, 2004. The series began its first full season in the fall of 2004 and since then, 171 shows have been presented in its eleven years of operation.

2004 -2005 Season               

October 3rd:

Iain Matthews and Ad Vanderveen

James O’Malley opening

November 14th:

Terence Martin with Dan Bonis

Caroline Doctorow opening

December 5th:

Eric Andersen

Glenn Jochum opening

February 13th

Larry Kirwan

Johnny Cuomo opening

March 13th:

The Kennedys

Martha Trachtenberg and Tom Griffith opening

April 3rd:

Rod Picott

April 17th:

Rachael Davis with Brett Hartenbach

Pat Wictor opening

May 1st:

Chuck Brodsky

Toby Walker opening

May 24th

Bob Dylan’s 64th Birthday Celebration with Beaucoup Blue, Caroline Doctorow, and Pat Wictor

2005 – 2006 Season

October 2nd:

Maggie & Suzzy Roche

October 30th:

A Celebration of Gordon Lightfoot with Aengus Finnan, Jory Nash and Terry Tuft

November 6th:

Garnet Rogers

December 4th:

Louise Taylor

Jim Dexter opening

December 11th:

Ellis Paul

Antje Duvekot opening

January 15th:

Rod MacDonald

Rich Deans opening

January 29th

co-bill: Pat Wictor & Red Molly

March 5th:

Jack Hardy

Antje Duvekot opening

March 19th:

Rod Picott

Gene Casey & The Lone Sharks opening

April 2nd

David Olney

Caroline Doctorow opening

April 23rd

Tom Russell

May 24th:

Bob Dylan 65th Birthday Celebration with

Larry Kirwan, Ina May Wool with Daniel A, Terence Martin with Dan Bonis, Russ Seeger

June 11th

Fairport Convention

July 9th

Pete Morton

August 13th:

Lisa Moscatiello with Fred Lieder

James O’Malley opening

2006-2007 Season

September 17th:

co-bill of Diana Jones and Tim Grimm

October 8th

The Acoustic Strawbs

October 22nd

Lynn Miles

November 5th

Eric Andersen

November 12th

John Wesley Harding

December 3rd

Co-bill: Antje Duvekot and Anais Mitchell

December 10th

Brooks Williams

Russ Seeger opening

January 14th

Garland Jeffreys

January 21st

Ellis Paul

Antje Duvekot opening

February 4th

Fred Eaglesmith and The Flying Squirrels

February 18th

Co-bill: Pat Wictor and David Jacobs-Strain

March 4th

Casey Neill

Johnny Cuomo and friends opening

March 18th

Co-bill: Terence Martin and Beaucoup Blue

April 15th

Rod Picott

April 22nd

Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies

May 24th:

Bob Dylan’s 66th Birthday Celebration with

The Kennedys, James O’Malley with Corrin Huddleston, Russ Seeger

June 10th

Ian Tamblyn

Caroline Doctorow opens

2007-2008 Season

September 30th

Bill Morrissey

October 7th

Devon Sproule

Hope Nunnery opening


October 21st

Aztec Two-Step

Tommy Holmes opening

November 4th

Sloan Wainwright

November 11th

Co-bill: Hans Theessink and Toby Walker

December 2nd

The Pines

December 9th

Nerissa and Katryna Nields

January 6th

The Kennedys

January 20th

Ellis Paul

February 10th

John Wesley Harding

February 24th

Gerry O’Beirne with Rosie Shipley

Johnny Cuomo opening

March 9th

Nathan Rogers

March 30th

Jeff Black

Mary Lamont opening

April 27th

Jack Williams


May 4th

Garnet Rogers

May 24th

Bob Dylan’s 67th Birthday Celebration with The Kennedys, Pat Wictor, and Johnny Cuomo

June 1st

Steve Tilston

James O’Malley opening

2008-2009 Season

October 5th

Eilen Jewell

Phil Minissale opening

October 19th

Marshall Crenshaw

November 2nd

Terence Martin

Caroline Doctorow (w/Pete Kennedy) opening

November 9th

Co-bill: Mary McCaslin and Mustard’s Retreat

November 23rd

Ray Bonneville

November 30th

Blackie and The Rodeo Kings

December 7th

Sloan Wainwright

Lucy Wainwright Roche opening

December 14th

Anthony daCosta and Abbie Gardner


January 18th

Ellis Paul

Jack’s Waterfall opening

February 1st

Co-bill: Pete Kennedy and Pat Wictor

February 15th

Graham Parker

March 8th

The Refugees (Cindy Bullens, Deborah Holland, & Wendy Waldman)

March 15th

Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen

March 29th

Co-bill: Brooks Williams and Beaucoup Blue

April 5th

Ian Tamblyn

Bob Wescott opening

April 19th

Susan Werner

May 23rd

Bob Dylan’s 69th Birthday Celebration with The Kennedys, Rod MacDonald, Caroline Doctorow, Russ Seeger and Rob Stein

June 7th

Antje Duvekot

Lizanne Knott opening

2009-2010 Season

September 27th:

Daisy Cutter (Sara Milonovich, Greg Anderson and Friends)


October 4th:

Buskin & Batteau

Brian Kachejian opening

October 18th:

Willie Nile with Frankie Lee

November 1st:

Co-bill: Rod Picott and Amanda Shires; Ana Egge

November 8th:

John Wesley Harding

November 20th:


November 29th:

Ellis Paul

Adam Ezra opening

December 6th:

Elliott Murphy and the Normandy Gentlemen

January 10th:

Co-bill: Harry Manx and Pat Wictor

January 24th:

The Kennedys

Randy Burns opening

February 14th:


February 21st:

Peter Mulvey

March 7th:

Garnet Rogers


March 14th:

Rachael Davis

March 28th:

Mark Erelli

April 25th:

Lynn Miles

May 22nd:

Bob Dylan’s 69th Birthday Celebration with The Kennedys, Rod MacDonald, Russ Seeger, Rob Stein, and Steve Sollog, with special guests Gene Casey and Caroline Doctorow

June 6th:

Tom Russell

2010-2011 Season

September 19th:

The Acoustic Strawbs

October 3rd:

Co-bill of Toby Walker and Beaucoup Blue

October 10th:

Eric Andersen

November 7th:

Slaid Cleaves with Duke Levine; Graham Weber opening

November 14th:

James Keelaghan with David Woodhead

November 28th:

Ellis Paul

Opening: Adam Ezra

December 12th:

David Francey accompanied by Craig Werth

January 9th:

Willie Nile with Frankie Lee and Johnny Pisano

January 16th:

Susan Werner

February 13th:

Rod MacDonald with Mark Dann

Caroline Doctorow opening

February 27th:

The Pines

March 6th:

Angel Band

March 20th:

Garland Jeffreys

April 3rd:

Co-bill of Pat Wictor and Brooks Williams

April 17th:

Cliff Eberhardt

May 1st:

Madison Violet

May 21st:

Bob Dylan’s 70th Birthday Celebration with The Kennedys, Rod MacDonald, Russ Seeger, Steve Sollog, Steve Kaplan, Roger Murdock and special guest  Gene Casey.

May 28th at the First United Methodist Church in Port Jefferson

Jimmy Webb (presented in collaboration with the Greater Port Jefferson Arts Council)

June 5th

Kennedy, Wainwright, Roche

2011-2012 Season

September 18th:

Iain Matthews with Jim Fogarty

October 2nd:

The Kennedys

October 16th:

Slaid Cleaves

October 23rd:

Natalia Zukerman

November 13th:

Bill Bourne

December 4th:

Ellis Paul

January 8th:

Mark Erelli & Jeffrey Foucault

January 22nd:

Garnet Rogers

February 12th:

Vance Gilbert

February 19th:

Lucy Kaplansky

March 4th:

Brother Sun

March 11th:

James Maddock

April 22nd:

Zoe Lewis

May 6th:

Jory Nash & Treasa Levasseur

May 19th:

Bob Dylan 71st Birthday Celebration with The Kennedys, Rod MacDonald, Russ Seeger, Steve Kaplan, Brian Kachejian, guest appearance by Caroline Doctorow

June 10th:

Ray Bonneville & Louise Taylor

2012 – 2013 Season

September 30th:

Iain Matthews w/Jim Fogarty

October 28th:

Jez Lowe

November 11th:

Geoff Muldaur  & Beaucoup Blue (co-bill)

November 25th:

Mary McCaslin, with Caroline Doctorow, and Pete Kennedy

December 2nd:

Ellis Paul

December 16th:


January 6th:

The Kennedys

January 20th:

Catherine MacLellan & Tim Chaisson (co-bill)

February 24th:

Tracy Grammer

March 10th:

Peter Mulvey & Jeffrey Foucault

March 24th:

Willie Nile

April 7th:

Darryl Purpose

April 21st:

James Maddock

May 5th:

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby

May 11th:

Bob Dylan’s 72nd Birthday Celebration with The Kennedys, Rod MacDonald, Russ Seeger, Steve Kaplan, Brian Kachejian, Bill Herman, guest appearance by Mary Lamont with Jim Marchese


2013-2014 Season

September 29th

Mary Gauthier

October 6th:

John Wesley Harding and the English U.K.

October 20th:

James Keelaghan and Jez Lowe

November 3rd:

Brooks Williams and Beaucoup Blue

November 24th:

Caitlin Canty

Robert Bruey with Jon Preddice opening

December 8th:

Ellis Paul

Rebecca Loebe opening

January 5th (at The Port Jefferson Village Center)

Guy Davis

January 26th

James Maddock with Ben Stivers

Butcher’s Blind Acoustic opening

February 9th

Toby Walker

February 23rd

Co-bill: Pesky J. Nixon and Miles to Dayton

March 9th 

Poor Old Shine

March 23rd

The Paul McKenna Band

April 5th

A Long Island Musicians Tribute to Warren Zevon

April 13th 

Rod Picott

Mary Lamont opening

May 4th

Casey Neill Trio

Butchers Blind opening

May 17th

Bob Dylan’s 73rd Birthday Celebration with The Kennedys, Rod MacDonald, Russ Seeger, Steve Kaplan, Brian Kachejian, Tom Ryan, and special guest appearances by Andrew Fortier and Mary Lamont

June 27th (at The Port Jefferson Village Center)

A special evening with Tom Russell


2014-2015 Season

September 14th

Iain Matthews with Jim Fogarty

Butchers Blind duo opening

October 19th

Garnet Rogers

November 6th (at The First United Methodist Church, Port Jefferson)

Richard Shindell (presented in collaboration with the Greater Port Jefferson Arts Council)

November 23rd

Garland Jeffreys

December 7th

Ellis Paul

Chris Trapper opening

December 14th 


Robert Bruey with Jon Preddice opening

January 25th

Sloan Wainwright

March 29th

James Maddock, with Oli Rockberger

April 12th

The Kennedys

Caroline Doctorow opening

April 26th 

Archie Fisher, Jez Lowe, and James Keelaghan (“Men At Words”)

May 10th

Slaid Cleaves, with Duke Levine

May 16th

Bob Dylan’s 74th Birthday Celebration with The Kennedys, Rod MacDonald, Russ Seeger, Steve Kaplan, Brian Kachejian, Tom Ryan, and special guest appearances by Claudia Jacobs and Pete Mancini